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Robotutor at iXcamp 2014!



On May 22, the Robotutor travelled to Arnhem for an event entitled “iXcamp 2014 – iXperium / Centre of Expertise Leren met ICT”. Teachers and students from universities, Hogeschool, high-schools, and primary schools showed great interests in the application during a speed-dating with our Robotutor. They were impressed by the natural behavior of the robot and the abilities to using PowerPoint for the lecture. The script-based authoring tool intrigued some teachers, because the development of this tool is tailored for non-programmers such as teachers. One of the teachers improvised a scenario using the authoring tool within just a few minutes, and the audiences were well entertained by her creation. When I introduced our study [1] about expressive coverbal gestures, one of the teachers was excited by the result that positive mood expressed by the robot body language induced positive arousal of students and may facilitate learning. She shouted out “Yes. No arousal no learning!”            —Junchao Xu, Ruud de Jong

[1] Xu JBroekens JDHindriks KNeerincx MAEffects of Bodily Mood Expression of a Robotic Teacher on StudentsProceedings of the 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Chicago, IEEE, 2014. RTF Tagged XML BibTex Google Scholar

Mood-modulated gestures for RoboTutor

Last month we marked an achievement mile, as we demonstrated mood-modulated gestures in RoboTutor. This was done as part of Junchao Xu’s research whether the mood of the robot had influence on the audience or not. Videos of the robot giving lecture with positive and negative moods can be found below:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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